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MOGU / Powder beads cushion


Description of item

“MOGU”brand cushion is made of powder beads® (polystyrene foam) and stretchable fabric (85% nylon, 15% polyurethane).

Powder Beads® are specially coated on fine beads less than 1 mm in diameter Improves fluidity and reduces friction noise.The Beads are used very safty material mainly carbon-based substances that are harmless and are excreted without being digested if accidentally consumed.

Tactile feeling ( Relaxed effect ), fluidity, body pressure dispersion …, It is an originally stretchable fabric that designed vertically and horizontally in two directions to maximize the functionality of MOGU®. Incorporating sports clothing technology, it also excellent in water absorption and quick drying.

MOGU® is a quality product that can be differentiated from similar products.Since MOGU has products of various shapes, it has been used by many customers in various scenes as Interior, Nursing care, driving support, sleeping , and office products.